Sports Skydivers

Closest Full service Skydive centre to Brisbane located on the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Skydivers welcomes sports jumpers. You must be current, have a licence and your reserve must be in date. We required gear to have both an AAD and Lanyard.

Visiting Sports Jumpers

Sunshine Coast Skydivers welcomes Sport Jumpers

Make sure you are current (i.e have jumped within the last few weeks). Bring your log book and license and see the DZSO (Drop Zone Safety Officer) upon your arrival. Arrive early, the earlier the better and keep the day free.

Jump Ticket Prices

1 Ticket AUD $42.00
10 Tickets AUD $36.00 each
100 Tickets AUD $33.00 each
150 Tickets AUD $28.00 each

B-Rel Jump AUD$195.00 (including gear hire, Tutor, Main Pack, Video De Brief)

AFF Stages 2-8 AFF AUD$195.00 (including gear hire)

AFF Stage 9 AFF AUD$100.00 (including gear hire)

No DZ fees

2% surcharge for credit cards

Gear Hire

"A" lic & above: 1 jump ticket,repack & gear hire AUD$100.00 each
"A" lic & above: 10 jump tickets,repacks & gear hires AUD$70.00 each
All gear is Twin action BOC

Overseas Skydivers

Visiting overseas Skydivers are covered by Section 3.6 of the APF's Operational Regulations.

In essence, what it means to the overseas visiting skydivers is this:
A visiting overseas Skydiver who holds a valid parachutist's licence issued by an FAI-affiliated organisation may make parachute descents after becoming an APF member and having their skydiving experience and competence assessed by a Chief Instructor.


Australia recognises the FAI Parachutist Certificate and the FAI Sporting Licence issued by your own National Parachuting Organisation. You MUST bring your logbook and license to the drop-zone as the safety officer (DZSO) and the Chief Instructor will need to check them.


Please note that the insurance that may come with membership of your own country's National Parachuting Organisation will probably NOT cover you in Australia.

Drop-zone operators in Australia will require you to take out third party insurance by becoming a member of the Australian Parachute Federation. This is a simple matter which can be handled on any student training drop-zone, and covers you for a minimum of three months.

This means that you should ensure that the first drop-zone you visit in Australia is a student training drop-zone such as Sydney Skydivers and Tandem Cairns.


Your licences and logbook will be checked and your experience assessed as equivalent to a particular Australian licence level.

You may then skydive and enjoy the privileges of that licence level.

Australian skydive licences run from "A" (lowest) to "F" (highest). Skydivers assessed at "A" licence standard are restricted to skydiving at a training drop-zone. At other licence levels, a skydiver may skydive at non-training drop-zones too.