Spectacular Beach Landing Skydives

Visiting the Sunshine Coast ? Don't miss out on Sunshine Coast Skydivers spectacular 15,000ft Beach landing skydives



Tandem Jumps

Up To 15,000 ft

A short briefing and one of our friendly instructors will take you for your first Tandem Skydive.

From $239

Learn to Skydive

Accelerated Freefall Course

Includes student training manual, first solo jump certificate and membership to the Australian Parachute Federation.

Starting at $430

Enjoy the best of skydiving while you visit the Sunshine Coast. Sunshine Coast Skydivers are located in the heart of the Sunshine Coast at Caloundra Airport.

Visiting the Sunshine Coast and need transport no problems we pickup from all local hotels and accomodation. Give our friendly booking team a call and we can arrange free return transfers from the local Sunshine Coast area.

Staying in Brisbane ? Sunshine Coast Skydivers has you covered. We offer the closest Beach landing Tandem skydive. Our great Brisbane CBD 1/2 day trip offers free return transfers from the Brisbane CBD, an amazing beach landing skydive and all in a short 1/2 day trip.

Give our friendly booking team call today on 1300 SKYDIVE (1300 759 348) or 07 30670715

Visiting the Sunshine Coast ?

Sunshine Coast Skydivers have a checkin lounge and office located at Caloundra Airport. Let one of our friendly instructors take you for a Tandem Skydive from 15,000ft above the scenic Sunshine Coast. Experience one of our stunning beach landing Tandem Skydives.

Sunshine Coast Skydivers operates free return transfers daily from the Brisbane CBD. Give us a call today to book your free transfer.


Meet your expert skydiving instructor who will provide a safety briefing and skydiving instruction, then make sure that you are fitted with all of the necessary equipment.

Once you have your gear and harness secured, follow your instructor to the skydiving airplane. As your plane climbs to jump altitude, gaze out over they spectacular Sunshine Coast.

When you reach jump altitude, your highly-trained skydiving instructor securely fastens your harnesses together, checks all of the equipment and then gives the signal for the two of you to jump. Exiting the plane from up to 15,000 feet , feel the excitement as you free fall at high speed before your instructor releases the parachute. Then enjoy the peaceful sensation of gliding above the magnificent Sunshine Coast.

About five minutes after your parachute opens, your instructor takes you into a gentle landing on our spectacular beach landing sites. Enjoy the exhilaration of your Skydive.

Want To Learn To Skydive ?

Sunshine Coast Skydivers Skydivers offers skydiving courses. The first stage of the AFF course is Stage 1.

If you decide you really like jumping out of perfectly good aeroplanes then you simply continue the rest of the AFF course stages 2-9.

Once you have completed your first day's ground training you will complete your first freefall skydive wearing your own parachute with two highly experienced instructors accompanying you.

* Progression is based on performance and passing the required stages, cost is per jump, 1 jump per stage.